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Dr. Afrika at National Black Theater in Harlem 12/8/13


kwadw0 says:

Where does someone get ripe (greenish) rice and beans!??!!? anyone know?

ThaMasterHeadHunter says:

Wow! I learned a lot listening to this brotha. Thank you for sharing this

Keith Jackson says:

Yeah Shirley camara man tighten up! Dr afrika is great. Always on point
with good info

Ahmahkyah says:

Dr. Afrika, always keeps it real! lol….hysterical.

Shameqa Rivers says:

You smokers that want to know the science behind weed smoke check out one
of my favorite master teachers on YouTube. Marijuana is from the stars by
Rah Imhotep

Tallie Brinson says:

So since I’m now addicted to his movement this is a good thing right???
This definitely needs more views.


Dr with all respect but I have to tell you the I love to hear you all your
health education but your sound system n charts are so difficult to read or
see it. Please make better for what is worth it, thank you

Robert X says:


Shameqa Rivers says:

You would ask this nigga about DMT….It was funny he said give it to a
moron and it won’t make him more spiritual…..WOW. LOL Give it to a Moron
and see how spiritual they become. Love the whole stay healthy movement Dr.
Afrika definatley builds up Chi for the Dark Arts.

Know Yourself says:

His wife is gaining weight. I wonder what that is about. It is really
making me wonder what she is eating. Either way good information as usual.

Amen Tutankh says:

Real talk we are afraid to admit it

Sumayya Selassie says:

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