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Earth’s Best Organic Stage 3 Baby Food, Junior Best Sellers Variety Pack (Apple, Cinnamon & Oatmeal; Vegetable & Pilaf; Tender Chicken & Stars), 12 Count

Made with wholesome ingredients, Earth’s Best Organic Junior Bestsellers Variety Pack offers your baby an array of textures and tastes. This variety pack includes our bestselling products: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Vegetable Beef Pilaf and Tender Chicken and Stars.

Earth’s best organic baby food jars are available in unique combinations of fruits, veggies, meat and wholesome grains. Pick the appropriate texture and ingredient based on your baby’s age: stage 1 jars are for 4 months +, stage 2 for 6 months + and stage 3 for 9 months +.

All earth’s best jars are USDA organic and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The glass jars are fully recyclable and contain a Non-BPA resealable lid.

Product Features

  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – Made with wholesome ingredients from our family of certified organic farmers.
  • VARIETY YOUR LITTLE ONE WILL LOVE – Contains 4 jars each of apple, cinnamon & oatmeal, vegetable & beef pilaf and tender chicken & stars.
  • NON GMO INGREDIENTS – No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides.
  • FOR BABIES 9 MONTHS & UP – Specially formulated for newborns ready for soft chunks.
  • Earth’s Best is dedicated to creating a wide range of baby foods to encourage a rich exploration of textures and tastes for your little one.

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Anonymous says:

Broken jars and mold, but great variety pack

Anonymous says:

Best quality and price for this range This food is exactly what every Mom needs. My family has clean eating habits and the last thing I need is to worry about the ingredients in my baby’s food. Earths best passed the Clean Label project tests which is what initially attracted me to the brand, but my son polishes off every jar I give him! It’s like, “when one jar empties, another one opens, right Mom?!” When I was pregnant I did a lot of research into groceries and where everything was the cheapest and quickly discovered how…

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