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Encountered an odd eyed cat during a trek though a Peruvian canyon


ishcho says:

She still nameless?

JohnnieTheShrubber says:

Half lizard, half husky.

Kablamedit says:

Name it earth!

imgurwhatnonsenseisthis says:

Good cat in the right, Lizard cat on the left

SpokaneMuffinMaster says:

That isn’t very odd, that is a very groovy mutation.

boinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboink says:

He is the product of forbidden love between the Earth and Water tribes

00tj says:

Peruvian canyon? Ya. The cat eyes where the odd part.

WeatherPornaholic says:

Is that in the great country of Peruvia?

StrangeBird says:

See any flute bands?

slyshand says:

It blue my mind, and I am green with envy.

CremedelaHwhipped says:

she’s a local celeb. from reddit:

jonathncrane says:


Bubblesmakemehappy says:

That doesn’t look like a canyon to me.

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