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Epic Evolution Grafitti


HazMatt says:

Can I ask why people complain about graffiti being called graffiti and say “IT IS ART NOT GRAFFITI!!”? Graffiti is a style of art.

mujies says:

Someone should go paint a cockroach under each of those.

TheRealMegGriffin says:

I was expecting a cat at the bottom… now I’m kinda sad

PancakeTit says:

or just learn how to rotate your eyes 90 degrees : _

PatcyB1910 says:

ew the fish with legs creature is the worst. they creep me out for some reason

BenTrain says:

I wish this wasn’t so damn sideways.

iTzAwesomesauce says:

Why can’t there be cool grafitti like this instead of just the stupid words?

Still4wesome says:

I was hoping for a man using a computer.

sargentotazo says:

That’s BLU, He also does Unique Grafitti stop motions ;D

sargentotazo says:

Well no i’m not sure if it is him, style is alike, but check this video anyways ;D

goohoge24 says:

that was awesome…now come rub my neck 😉

HollyHollz says:

noooooooooo! that is sick!

catangel101 says:

Never been more glad to have a laptop.

haggi says:

Clearly this wasnt painted in the south

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