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EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Touchless Stationary Vacuum – 1400 Watts Professional Vacuum with HEPA Filtration, Bag-less Canister. Floor Care

Now say goodbye to old, boring and laborious vacuuming techniques with the Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is an automatic machine that operates using infrared sensors for automatic collection of dirt, dust and hair within a short span of time. This professional vacuum cleaner is designed for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and small businesses. The touchless stationary vacuum is advanced with inbuilt HEPA filtration and powerful suction for 100% removal of dust, dirt and debris.

Eye-Vac Professional, Automatic Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Cleaning Hard Floors Has Never Been Easier!

With the Eye-Vac Professional, simply sweep up to the infrared sensors at the base and automatically hair, dust, and debris will be suctioned into the easy to dump canister. Eye-Vac Pro is a proven best seller in the hair salon / beauty supply industry, where sweeping is all day job. For anyone with kids, pets, mobility concerns or any space that requires sweeping, the Eye-Vac Professional will make your cleaning life easier and avoid the laborious task of bending down to gather debris. Choose your Eye-Vac setting for an “always on” Automatic activation, or switch to Manual mode at your convenience. The Status Indicator will light up “red” when the canister is ready to be emptied. Save time & energy with this fast & efficient cleaning machine.

Fast: 1400 Watt Vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly!Clean: Cyclonic Vacuum action with dual (HEPA) filtration provides a clean floor and clean air Convenient: Always on and always ready infrared sensors activate EyeVac automatically!Efficient: EyeVac automatically turns off when the debris has been vacuumed into the bag-less canister. Dual Settings: Choose your setting for an “always on” Automatic activation, or switch to Manual mode at your convenience. Eye-Vac Specifications Motor: 1400 Watt Canister Volume: 4.8 LitersProduct Dimensions: 13″x7.5″x20.5″US Patents: 6,671,924/7,096,532 and other US and Foreign Patents Pending Eye-Vac with Pets

Dog hair, cat hair, kitty litter, mud and so much mess that comes along with our pets. It doesn’t change how much we love them but we can change the way we keep things clean! Sweep even the toughest messes away with ease and say goodbye to pet mess.

Eye-Vac Maintenance

The Eye-Vac is built to be almost ZERO maintenance. The canister is bag-less, so you don’t have to worry about more investment in keeping your Eye-Vac in working order. To empty, simply remove the canister, open the lid and drop all debris into the garbage. The filters are “lifetime” filters & can be cleaned with mild soap & warm water. For stubborn debris, a soft bristle brush will do the trick. Let the filters dry overnight and your Eye-Vac is ready to go in the morning. Replacement filters are sold separately, just in case!

Eye-Vac in Home Eye-Vac Technology Eye-Vac Pets Eye-Vac Canister

Product Features

  • Vacuum Cleaner Application: stationary vacuum cleaner is ideal for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and small businesses. Cleaning machine is proficient in grabbing pet hair, soil, dust from wooden floors, marble floors, or nylon flooring
  • Powerful Vacuum Cleaning Machine: cyclonic action offers efficient operation. 1400W motor with powerful suction helps in 100% removal of dust, hair and debris instantly. Touch-less stationary vacuum is upgraded with inbuilt HEPA filtration makes cleaning of air and floors easier
  • Portable Vacuum: professional vacuum cleaner with 13″x7.5″x20.5″ dimension. 4.8 liters volume of bag-less canister provides sufficient space to collect dirt and debris. 15.21 pounds of weight is lighter than most professional vacuum cleaners
  • Automatic Professional Vacuum: touchless stationary vacuum is ideal for auto and manual functions and does not require touching of debris or vacuum to operate. Red status indicator light of this machine’s lights when the canister is ready to be emptied
  • Easy to Use: Eye-Vac EVPRO vacuum is easy to clean and maintain and comes with bag-less canister for stress-free removal of dust. Remove canister and open the lid and drop all debris into the garbage

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Anonymous says:

Worth every penny and then some! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the home or professional version of this, but ended up going with the professional model since I have two long-haired dogs, a cat, and my boyfriend and I both have long hair. This vacuum FAR exceeds my expectations. My Husky is blowing her coat right now, meaning I’m sweeping the house twice a day. As a test, I brushed her inside and collected the fur from half of her body in one pile. Watch the video to see the…

Anonymous says:

Does What it Says, but Not Perfect Because I have mostly hard floors, I purchased two of these for my home. So far they are living up to their claims. I have no small children or cats, so I leave mine set on automatic mode, which makes them even more convenient to use. The motor is very powerful and leaves no debris to be picked up. The only thing I don’t like is that the dog hair and dirt all clings to the filter instead of falling down to the bottom of the dirt reservoir. Much of it gets stuck between the vanes of the filter,…

Anonymous says:

Once it smells like burning hair they are done I have used a dozen or so of these in hair salons…you need to empty the bin and clean off the filter. Once it smells like burning hair they are done. The hair will get past the filters and clog up the motor and it is almost impossible to make it usable again. They work great at first, but you need to make sure they are emptied and taken care of. There is nothing else like these at this price and portable, so we continue to purchase them. Just need to make sure they are checked over. They…

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