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Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion, 6-Ounces

Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion, 6oz

Product Features

  • Contains a unique blend of iols and natural ingredients
  • Get a perfect tan with Fake Bakes richness in color
  • No damaging side effects of the sun
  • Easy goof-proof application
  • Ultimate in self-tanning lotions
  • Item expires in 10 months after the seal under the cap is broken

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- Kasia S. says:

This makes a Snowhite look like she came from the Equator! This is my Holy Grail of self tanners, and I think I’ve tried tons form the cheapest to ones priced such as this one, and no other brand and formula can come close to this! I have been using Fake Bake one for about 5 years now, and I will never dream of stopping. There are a few things I do now, part of my self tanning ritual that are simple enough to continue for years. For best results I shower and scrub my whole body, with some grainy and even oily scrub, then shave, I also scrub my face…

Mrs. Kilo Delta says:

Great, as long as you follow sunless tanning basics I’ve been sunless tanning for well over 7 years. When I don’t sunless tan, I am naturally so pale that I have a blue tint. A CPR instructor once used me as an example of what someone would look like if they weren’t getting enough oxygen, and no, I’m not kidding you. I’ve used everything from drugstore graduals to airbrush solutions, and I hope they never stop making this Fake Bake lotion. There’s a sunless tanning community forum where this was mentioned as being foolproof, and I thought…

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