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Fiesta Sun Dulce De Leche Dark Tanning Bronze Lotion Maximizer Tan Bed UV Tanner

Dark Tanning Bronzing Delight Inspired by Latin America, this delicioso tanning formula has the sweet aromatic scent of golden caramel blended with a light vanilla cream that drive your senses wild while you tan. Natural bronzers provide an immediate glow while the high powered tanning accelerators deliver the perfect sun kissed look after each tanning session. Added Vitamins A, C & E along with exotic oils and botanicals delivers the much needed nutrition to the skin, leaving it looking and feeling its very best. A must have tanning lotion for those that crave satisfaction. Magical silicones for softer, silkier skin. Natural bronzers for a deeper, darker, long lasting tan. Vitamins A, C & E for healthy looking skin. Exotic botanicals fight off free radical scavengers to help defy age. Isosorbide complex helps deliver benefits deeper into the skin. All the satisfaction, without any guilt!

Product Features

  • Dark Tanning Bronzing Delight

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Christine says:

LOVE!!!! I love all of the Fiesta Sun Dessert line tanners. This smells amazing and leaves you ultra moisturized and gets you a nice dark tan. There is bronzer in this, but not too much, which I like. Would definitely recommend.

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