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First look at Chris O'Dowd in 'Thor: The Dark World'


ShamrockFury says:

Looks, goes to next post, comes back for a second look. Same.

AndritosRetardos says:

I dunno. Might be Chris O’Dowd.

Imallergictobullshit says:

Pretty amazing that he’s never been seen until this photograph of him. Ninja status = godlike

HandsomeSwede says:

I wish the Thor movies were more about fighting Norse mythological monsters rather than fighting in space.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

A shining light in a Dark World

guitarlampclock says:

Do ya know the Tivnans?

spudsandgravy says:

He’d have to put on a British accent too though … because he’s Irish.

HowardtheDuckthe1986filmnotthecomicbook says:

Not even a guy: someone created a bot that does that automatically. Probably to make the living reddit copy/pasters irrelevant

HowardtheDuckthe1986filmnotthecomicbook says:

Have you talked to our friend?

CreatingUsernamesGivesMeAnxiety says:

A bit. He’s not really talkative, though. Have you?

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