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Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm

Hi, I am Marjory Wildcraft. I didn t start out knowing anything about gardening or handling livestock. I became worried about the economy, possible pandemics, peak oil, and a host of other issues. Then I learned about GMO s, pink slime, hormones, and toxic chemicals in the food supply. I felt unbelievably vulnerable when I realized how dependent I was on huge, corporate agri-business for my food, and how fragile that vast system is. I wanted out! I want healthy food! I began in earnest to research and implement every kind of food production method I could find. At first I was taking every workshop, reading every book, and visiting all kinds of farmers, homesteaders, survivalists, and gardeners and then going home and trying it for myself. Initially I had a lot of failures. But I kept at it, and after a while I started producing. Then I found myself being the teacher. I offered workshop after workshop teaching hundreds of people how to grow food. We couldn t handle all the people who wanted to come, so I took time off and crafted the video set Grow Your Own Groceries. I will teach you what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. I will reveal to you our successes and our failures, some of them very costly (to the tune of thousands of dollars) so you never have to make them yourself. Watching these DVD s is the fastest way to learn to grow food guaranteed. This system is specially designed for you to be able to produce an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, and eggs simply and easily without buying a lot of stuff . These methods are sustainable and work even if the unthinkable happens. Almost every other gardening, livestock, or food production method assumes you ll spend a lot of money at garden centers, using feed that has GMO s in it, buying tractors or tillers, and more. Even a lot of organic systems expect you ll be spending a lot on special fertilizers and pesticides. They teach you methods that simply keep you more dependent on the very system you are wanting to be free of. I focus specifically on how to grow deeply nutritious, organic, clean food in a truly sustainable way which means you ll be able to grow food in good times or even if things get difficult. Here is just a little of what you’ll get: – The easiest gardening method which produces the most amount of food with the least amount of work. – How to turn any soil into fertile black gold – How to produce healthy meat and eggs with little or no feed – What you shouldn’t do and the biggest mistakes to avoid – Proven techniques for protecting your bounty from predators – How to water your garden so you use less water but still get great yields – Home butchering so simple even the kids can do it – Free food from edible landscaping and food forests – And much, much more

Product Features

  • 110 minutes of video on DVD
  • 60+ supporting pdf documents on bonus CD ROM
  • Will save your years on developing your food production systems

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J. M. Robinson "joshua" says:

thorough resource for all aspects of homesteading!! This is an amazing DVD for anyone interested in backyard food production!!From simply adding a few hens to your backyard to incorporating an entire closed system of food production and water collection, this DVD has something for everyone. It is the most comprehensive yet compact instruction I have seen for becoming more self-reliant from the standpoint of a homesteader.Water collection and treatment systems, garden success, rabbit and poultry production, home…

Angel says:

Excellent Guide to Home-Scale Self-Reliance I received an advanced copy of this DVD as an apprentice at the homestead of the Permaculture Activist, and it is remarkably helpful. The featured family has an impressive home system, and they present their findings and practices in a concise but thorough way. There’s great information about poultry and rabbit raising, utilizing dogs for livestock and garden protection, garden and orchard design and maintenance, water systems and food preservation. I especially appreciated the respectful…

Ms. Pam K. Larson "Pam Larson customer" says:

A Lot of Information for One DVD! One thing I wish right off is that I had waited a couple of weeks to get this. I bought it on her website and it was quite a bit more expensive than Amazon and that always bums me out.But that is not a review, is it?There is virtually too much information on this one DVD. She needs to break down each subject and make a DVD just on that one subject. Every subject she covers is a great introduction but just not enough meat.I saw the miniture cows, but no…

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