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FOR BLACKS: 002 Buy a Home Black Problems


shakaama says:

Please thumbs up the video everyone of you. I’m going to pull out all stops
on this series. Please thumbs up.

Barrington Mack says:

Very on point bro

Brian Odom says:

One thing wrong. It’s gotten real bad where blacks are #1 on welfare. Per
capita AND total.

That is true about black neighborhoods. There is an issue with black
flight as well. It IS race. All races are seeking to move to middle and
upper class neighborhoods. Only blacks are seeking to move to middle to
upper class neighborhoods. Less demand = lower property value. It’s NOT
racism, it’s simple demand, because home prices are completely based on
what another person thinks it’s worth and is willing to pay.

I disagree with no money down. You need to put money into your house and
lower the amount owed on the loan. A lower mortgage payment, but spread
out for more years, is also bad.

From the article:
“Only seven out of the 173 defaulters received the most favorable lending
terms, known as conventional 30-year fixed interest rate loans. These
“prime” loans are the least likely to fail, experts agree”

A conventional loan with at least 20% down (to avoid PMI) is best.

JAYBIRD75961 says:

Good post brother, I just subscribed to your channel

Torrie Harris says:

Information I needed to hear and share with my family. Thanks!

Zahrah Abdul-Malik says:


Alex Carter says:

Learned very much from this… I am quite young and while I have some money
saved up, I wouldn’t have much of a starting clue on going about investing
in stocks, and gold. Even thought it has been an interests of mine since
high school to pursue investor methods to gain capital. My mother did
inherit Coco cola stock from my grandfather, but sold it, when as you
mentioned relatives came knocking for money, I was a bit disappointed by
this, but also knew that she like I would assume most middle class blacks
didn’t really understand how to keep or maintain stocks, and saw it as more
of a burden than something to be cultivated.

tradecenter7 says:

Why don’t you stop racial profiling and start profiling by simply economic
classes. The every time you differentiate yourself as separate because
black, you are making more racial segregation and bigotry. You are
(probably unintentionally) supporting bigotry and racial segregation!
AND NO! the definition of racism is not “white is right”! (that’s the most
bigoted definition I have ever herd!)
Racism is defined as a belief of genetic superiority. This guy is
subliminally spewing hate and ignorance.

bee says:

thanks Kev!!!! <3

donpldp says:

Yay Obama Change is great for us black born people thanks alot!

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