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FUBU x Hype / FUBU (On The Low) [1999]

1999 was a breakthrough year in Urban fashion. In this pair of ads, FUBU introduces its 1999 NBA with visuals directed by Hype Williams. Followed by the infamous GAP Jeans ad starring LL Cool J, in which he delivers a fast-paced freestyle to invariable get customers to “Fall Into The Gap,” but sneaks in a shout-out to his friends at ” For Us By Us (On The Low).” As reported in Kevin Liles’ book, The Tanning of America, none of the ad execs working for The Gap ever caught on to the sneak product placement, instead giving James Todd Smith a round of applause for delivering his pitch inside the 30 second mark. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights.

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Nortekman says:

The funny thing was that FUBU was expensive; a simple jersey costing around $80 or a jacket around $250. Too much money for many or most African Americans and Latinos unless you were involved in certain activities.

Thomas Burnett says:

I'll never forget when he dropped that "For Us By Us (on the low)".

Eliza Gold says:

Anyone still wearing British Knights?

Eliza Gold says:

I had all the Fubu gear!!! I was the FUBU Queen!

Audio Visual Proof says:

I was at Wal-Mart shoe shopping and found a black pair of FUBU tennis shoes for $20. Those shoes are comfortable and sturdy as hell and I'm sort of rough on shoes. Maybe the pair I bought was accidentally shipped and loaded onto the wrong truck because I haven't seen another pair of FUBU shoes on Wal-Mart shelves since buying my first pair. lol

OFF- CODE says:


Dorcas Powell says:

I never wore FUBU.

Shala B says:

brainwashing like a mug…. so sad.. such frauds.

Ruben Dominguez says:

Just depends how you wear fubu don’t be that crack head uncle with a fubu Jersey



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