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Full Diva Kid Is Back With A Strong Message Against Bullying (Video)

Brendan Jordan -elite dialyBrendan Jordan -elite dialy

Brendan Jordan stole the spotlight and our hearts when he broke out his best Lady Gaga in the background of a news broadcast.

Now that the 15-year-old is getting media attention, he’s taking the opportunity to talk about bullying and gay rights. The teen posted a video to his Instagram, promoting today as GLAAD Spirit Day.

He encouraged his fans to wear purple in support of gay teens everywhere who’ve been bullied.

And, if you don’t believe that Jordan is the new face of young gay activism, Lady Gaga herself tweeted her support.

Brendan and his family are wearing purple to support gay teens.

Even Lady Gaga took notice of his flair.


Brendan took on drag Tina Turner on a local newscast.

Bow down.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Photos Courtesy: Instagramgaga-jordangaga-jordan

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