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Gary Majdell Sport Men’s USA Flag Stars Bikini Swimsuit Navy/Red Stripes X-Large

Gary Majdell Sport Inc. has been a leader in fashion with creative men’s and woman’s swimwear, underwear, athletic wear and club wear since 1998. Produced in his own factory, in style hot Montreal, Quebec, Gary Majdell brings top end fashion at manufacturers’ prices, following the most stringent levels of quality. Using a vast selection of choice and style, his garments are comfortable but sizzling hot, and inspire confidence in everyone who wears them. Gary brings quality up to date fabrics with a wealth of color and design and produces a unique garment geared to all who care about upscale fashion. He also showcases the trends from leading designers at wholesale price points. He is without a doubt, a guru of the trade, in his vision and concept of men’s and woman’s wear for the time. Whether you are looking for swimwear, underwear, t-shirts or workout wear he has something that will work for you. All products are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Product Features

  • AMERICAN PRIDE: Get in touch with your patriotic side with this USA printed contour pouch bikini swimsuit that will surely have you turning heads and get you some extra attention.
  • PACKAGE ENHANCING: This bikini is made with a specially designed comfortable contouring front pouch that will surely get you the attention and comfort you deserve.
  • FEATURES: This swimsuit has a full front lining and is constructed with a 1 inch elastic waistband with 4 needle stitching for unrivaled comfort, security and support. Perfect for swimwear, beach and pool parties, or tanning and competitive swimming.
  • COLORS: Available in a variety of patriotic prints. You’ll surely find a print to match your personal style!
  • SIZES & OPTIONS: Available in Small to X-Large. Click on “Gary Majdell Sport” to view our entire collection of high-quality swimwear and other products!

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Anonymous says:

Red white and Bulge!

Anonymous says:

Five Stars

Anonymous says:

Caution! Caution: from my personal experience.It was a hot summer day in Arizona when all of a sudden a fireball fell from the sky. I thought to myself “what in tarnation?!” I ran out to my mail box where the fireball had hit and there lay a glowing box. Unaware of its contents, I carefully cut open the box with my knife and attempted peeked inside. It was about that time a bald eagle flew out of the box. Startled, I jumped back to admire the pure beauty of this gorgeous symbol of freedom…

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