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Gentrification: Spike Lee Makes It Plain


ZenFox says:

I respect Spike Lee’s talent, and I feel his frustration about change, but
why is it okay for black folks to move into white neighborhoods, but not
okay for white folks to move into black neighborhoods? When white folks
leave, people complain about ‘white flight’. When white folks come, people
complain about ‘gentrification’. People have to learn to live together, and
respect one another.

coolbuddydude1 says:

Places & street get renamed all the time

Ace Thompson says:

Asaka what do you have to say about black pastors who are using black women.
Pimping the women,impregnating the women,taking their money and not even
living in the war-torn neighborhoods?

On your comment below how is it that white outsiders dislocating and
driving out the black residents?From what neighborhoods exactly the hood?

“The problem is about a fundamental lack of respect for the indigenous

What indigenous population? The Native Americans?

“Meanwhile, predominately black neighborhoods are neglected. That is
fundamentally wrong and unjust. ”

Neglected by who the whites?What do you want the whites to do move back
into the hoods?

You rant about white this white yet you never address the stores that are
run by people from the Middle easterners and Asians.

You must be kidding me.

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