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Good Guy Mewtwo


yuramiah says:

Oh my fuck really? I realise it wasn’t the funniest attempt at humor but shitting dick nipples you could just downvote and not reply.

TheMungoman says:

Yes, I could, but I didn’t want to. So? You could have done the same. And yet, you didn’t. Why is that then?

IBlueUp says:

POKEMON fucking sucks

SlightlyNormal says:

And now Cubone will venture out and challenge strong pokemons, proud of his new powers. But this time, as he gets beaten, mewtwo aint there.

TheDepartmentofRedundancyDepartment says:

pokemon sucks

twocowgarage says:

I was playing Pokémon X all day yesterday. I’m gonna be playing it all day today too.

VlexisWhoWantsToMarryRainbowDash says:

That was my first thought.

Faolon says:

Pokemon Norman Bates

maltbrew says:

Pokemon brings out the worst in people.

Ombleo says:

It’s hard to believe that that adorable ball of brown cuteness is actually wearing the skull of it’s deceased mother.

IKilledKennyAndIAmABastard says:

That cubone is far to happy to be the child of a DEAD MOTHER.

ArcanianArcher says:

How does his blush go through his skull?

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