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Good Hair


Anonymous says:

Educational, funny, and important The subject matter of this film is one that needs to be discussed and I am thrilled to say that Chris Rock did a fantastic job of showcasing the struggles, triumphs, and journey of black women and men in this film. I had originally heard about this film/documentary through a Tyra Show episode where she basically discusses things that Chris covers in this film (I still recommend watching that Tyra Show episode, though..very informative!) I am so glad I finally purchased this film, though. I…

Anonymous says:

Fun and Informative This documentary had a sense of humor, as one would expect from Chris Rock, but it sprang from a place of real love: What do you do when your daughter asks you for “the good hair”? The film travels the planet in search of stories about African hair, the amount people will do to change their hair, the dangers involved in chemically processing one’s hair, and the politics of natural versus straightened hair. It also delves into how little white communities know about black hair. It takes an…

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