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“Home Alone” Reenacted By Pugs Is The Only Christmas Present You Need

1. This is pug Kevin. Pug Kevin loves Christmas.

2. But his annoying older brother ate his plain cheese pizza, so he spills some milk and gets grounded.

3. But then his family go on holiday the next day, and they forget all about him.

4. He’s pretty happy about this. (It’s hard to tell when pugs are smiling, but trust us, he is.)

5. But then some bad guys turn up.

6. So, being a clever pug, he pretends that there’s loads of people in the house to scare them away.

7. But they come back, so he sets up traps. Because this is his pug house, and he has to defend it.

8. Basically pug Kevin is just as badass as human Kevin except he’s a pug so he’s probably more badass.

9. We don’t want to ruin the whole film for you, so you can watch it in full below.

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