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Hostel priorities.


Bondmaster says:

I wish my phone shot out cool waves…

inchanity says:

Give them a little more credit cmon…

seriousbam says:

so Amsterdam is the maximum and Vienna the minimum?

gaspodethewonderdog says:

A Sign of the times

ImOnTheWine says:

Sadly, this is necessary now

IchangedMyNameSoIDidntHaveToUseMyRealOne says:

I hate how this actually has to be posted these days….

aprilgirl says:

Sloh so maybe I should try that next time then I wont end up in a burn unit ok thx – No One Ever

trustmeimascientist says:

I saw this in German at the Vienna Meininger when I was backpacking. It’s a nice hostel

Rhadamanthus says:

Shit’s on Facebook, yo.

kentacohut says:

very contemporary….

AllIHaveHadTodayIsLikeSixGummyBearsAndSomeScotch says:

You have to? Where do you work?

KittiesAndPuppiesFlyingThroughTheAir says:

“OP social media post”

wellarentyouspecial says:

Who said I worked? That particular warning came to mind because we were making fun of these labels during Economics in my senior year.

booglebox says:

I stayed in a Meininger hotel once. It was pretty rad. +1

StarkRG says:

But if I do that the wifi might not still be working…

AllIHaveHadTodayIsLikeSixGummyBearsAndSomeScotch says:

I assumed you were a barista or something and had order to tell customers their drinks are hot.

DragonEmperor18 says:

I find it depressing that such a sign needs to exist =.

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