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HQY Best Wine Opener Corkscrew With An Extra Corkscrew Worm/Spiral, Luxury Golden

Features: Easily removes stubborn or fragile corks.

Design based on the classic lever and corkscrew spiral/worm can be replaceable.

Foilcutter in matching finish included.

Packaged in a classic black gift box ideal for gift-giving and storage.

Method: Please read the instruction manual on the box before using it.

The sharp worm can go into the cork when going down and pull the cork out in a second when going up.

Material: Zinc alloy material with plating, durable and attractive.

Product Features

  • · 3.Including: 1* opener,1*foil cutter, 2*corkscrew worms/spirals

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Anonymous says:

Falls apart

Anonymous says:

Don’t know if I’m just using it wrong. This is my first use of this type of cork remover and I don’t know if I’m using it wrong or if it is a defective product. The opener in nicely packages and seems to be made of high quality materials. However, when I first tried it (following the instructions) it pushed the cork into the bottle. This has happened twice. I’ve found that going very slowly has solved this problem, but now when I try to to pull the cork the screw sometimes comes out without bringing the cork with it! Even if try…

Anonymous says:

The Oenophile’s Dream Gadget The Rabbit Wine Opener looks and feels as good when you get it as it does in the photos. This is a high-quality product that is almost a work of art, both in design and how it operates. Somewhere I read that it is not supposed to be used on composite corks, which to me means the plastic ones that you often see. Not true. It goes through those corks as well as, or better than, the natural types. When you get the opener, which comes in a presentation-type storage box with an extra replacement…

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