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HubSpot partners with Supermetrics to enable automated multi-portal views

Inbound marketing platform HubSpot announced Wednesday a partnership with marketing data engine Supermetrics that lets users – for the first time – automatically acquire and integrate data from multiple HubSpot portals or accounts.

The new Supermetrics connector, which can be utilized without programming or integration work, enables the capture, analysis and reporting of data from multiple HubSpot sources into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Microsoft Excel.

Additionally, the collected data can also be combined with data from other tools that cover paid media, social media and web analytics. Previously, marketers had to manually integrate the data from multiple HubSpot portals or from tools utilizing that data.

The companies say that this integrated view of all HubSpot portals lets marketers get a better understanding of their entire conversion funnel, from new visitors to current customers.

Plug-and-play templates

Supermetrics offers free plug-and-play reporting templates for HubSpot, designed for such uses as seeing all key performance indicators (KPIs) for email marketing across campaigns, or for acquiring an overview of sales performance by sales reps.

HubSpot provides tools for marketers to generate and manage inbound traffic through email, content marketing and lead/contact administration.

Marketers sometimes set up separate HubSpot accounts to manage multiple brands, clients or separate lines of business, such as when marketing teams or agencies work with several clients.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Supermetrics provides no-code access to marketing data across multiple data sources, for use in Excel, Google Sheets, and various business intelligence tools.

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