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I Deal in Danger

Robert Goulet, Christine Car+ªr+ª, Donald Harron. The Nazis believe David March is an American traitor, but really he is a secret agent dangerously passing their military plans to the Allied forces and whose real mission is to destroy a German weapons factory. Originally airing as a 3-episode TV series called Blue Light , here it’s stitched together as one film. 1966/color/90 min/NR/fullscreen.

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Anonymous says:

Fun, above average made-for-TV spy movie Fun but formulaic made-for-TV WW2 movie with Goulet as a WW2 James Bond prototype spy pretending to be Nazi collaborator while actually working for the Allies. VERY well-made for a TV move. Almost wouldn’t know it was made for TV.Production values are excellent. Much of it looks like it was shot in Europe. Sets are elaborate & authentic-looking. Cast & acting are far above average as well, especially Goulet, who elevates the decent, plausible script above the genre. Goulet is a…

Anonymous says:

One of the best secret agent movies I have seen, with an unusual premise. Singer Robert Goulet plays a James Bond clone secret agent, with the usual gadgets and girls. The novelty here is that he is an American spy inside Nazi Germany, where he and his beautiful female partner (Christine Carere) are never more than a misstep away from exposure, torture, and death. This is understandably more somber than most secret agent films. It portrays the terrible choices which must sometimes be made by those who fight evil, as well as the conflicts experienced by decent Germans…

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