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If You Want To Get Married This Year, This Is How Much It’ll Cost You

Hey there, romantics, are you looking forward to your weddings?

Are you excited to cut out all social spending to afford your dream receptions? Can you not wait to ruthlessly decide which family members you love too little to send invitations? Are you PUMPED to sell your non-vital organs in an attempt to make your special days memorable?

GOOD, GREAT, FANTASTIC because Thumbtack recently released its2016 Wedding Trends report to prep you for massive financial losses uh, I mean, lifetimes of happiness.

The site analyzed elements of 750,000 price quotes for everyones favorite wedding services and found the average cost for wedding essentials comes to about $12,189.

If youre thinking, Pffffffft,$12,000? THATS PEANUTS! youre either a 1940s billionaire with a transatlantic, Jimmy Stewart accentor youre living comfortably enough to afford a wedding no matter where you live in America.

Go to New York! Spend 16 large on a lavish venue,hors d’oeuvres and formal plated dinners for more than 100 guests!

Contrarily, if 12 grand feels steep, there are places where the cost of celebratingendless devotion is a bit lower, namely Georgia.

According to Thumbtack, the average cost of a Southern wedding in the Peach State is $10,693.

Georgians tend to opt for smaller weddings of fewer than 100 guests, and when it comes time to feed guests, they opt for buffets over sit-down services.

Weddings dont need to be bank-draining triathlons of exhaustion and despair. All any wedding needs to be a success is two people either deeply in love or resigned to settle for one another until death claims one or both of them.

LOL, just kidding. Better start prepping your left kidney for extraction because that Game of Thrones-themed bounce house wont pay for itself, but it will be the star of the reception.

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