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iFit 2-Year Individual Membership [Online Code]

iFit is a revolutionary fitness brand that integrates with fitness equipment to provide personalized, “smart fitness” to your home training routine. With an iFit membership you gain access to an expansive library of training resources, including custom workouts, Google Maps training routes, an exclusive social media network, competitions, automatic stats tracking, and much more.

Train Anywhere in the World
Work out anywhere in the world with workouts powered by Google Maps. Run the streets of Paris, hike the trails of the Grand Canyon, or even ride stages of Le Tour de France. Wherever it is, iFit will take you there.

With iFit, you can use Google Maps to plan training routes anywhere in the world. Run through Paris. Take a hike in the Grand Canyon. Or even cycle Le Tour de France!

System Requirements:Processor:  Intel Pentium 4 or equivalentRAM:  512MBHard Disk:  1MBVideo Card:  Onboard video

Product Features

  • Top Trainers: iFit brings some of the best personal trainers in the world straight to your screen, making it easy to find the perfect coach for you
  • Global Workouts: Embark on a virtual journey around the world with your favorite personal trainer as incline-matching technology digitally adjusts your resistance to mimic real-world terrain
  • Studio Classes: Participate in virtual boutique studio classes
  • Personalized Workouts: Three personally-tailored workouts based on your fitness level and interest are sent to your equipment every day
  • iFit 2-Year Individual Membership give you access to all of iFit’s virtual workouts, nutritional health tips, workout tracking and sleep advise for 12 months.

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Anonymous says:

It worked, but there are some things you need to know… The code worked fine, it let me add two years to my current membership, but there’s one important caveat you need to know: It requires giving our CC information to complete the deal. It will say $0.00 because you are using the code but you still have no choice but to give your CC number. And now they have mine. After it went through and my membership updated another 2 years, I went back in to see if I could delete my card. It will not let me. I can update it, but that’s it. That is downright…

Anonymous says:

iFit coach takes your workout to another whole level. BUY ONE YEAR GET ONE YEAR FREE!! No Brainer I dont write many reviews on here but I was hesitant to get this at first. But I just couldn’t see paying $12 month to use so I was looking for any type of promotion an ran across this and tried it. Well 149 first 2 years was worth a shot , but it said for window users and I had a Galaxy Tablet, which used android platform. Well it works. You buy and get a key code that you go to and enter in activation. It is for one person but that is alright. This Ifit coach is really a game…

Anonymous says:

Exceeds expectations but…. I was a little hesitant at first when I purchased the 2-year membership because it seemed to good to be true. However, once I entered the code provided, I saw that it credited me for the 2 years worth of iFIT membership. As a caution, please write down the date that you activated the code. When going through the activation process, you are still required to provide a credit card, which will most likely be billed after the 2 years. I would recommend this because it would probably bother you if…

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