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In The Studio With Idris Elba Pt. 1: Working With Jay-Z On American Gangster

In the first installment of our sit down with one of the hottest rising actors in Hollywood and a member of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People In The W…

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LaTonya White says:

Great interview ! ! 

thagingerbreadman says:

@awmancanigetamen LOL

warnutztheloser says:

who’s this clown?.. naw just playin I knw he famous actor

Jay Jones says:


lw100 says:

I love Idris Elba. Also, did you peep those suspenders!

Jmaybach62s says:

That intro was Classic

qwadoviov says:

Jay-Z KIng

The Mighty Icesis says:

Denzel Washing eloquent, gifted makes $20,000,000 a movie. Idris thats who
we see you as. Strong lead roles only!! Stop letting them play with your
money. No more thor, The office, unborn, csi. Denzel”s bio only lead. Get a
new manager that appreciate your true value. $20,000,00 a movie. Hold out
for only lead roles. YOUR A KING NOT A JESTER! We love you IDRIS ELBA! We
loved Denzel because he was uncompromisingly dominant. Idris is married to
an attorney named N. Hamlin

Hood Movies says:

@burres48 He was great in Thor he looked more Epic than the lead characters

Hood Movies says:

@burres48 Did you ever see his show Luther?

ahmedgunner15 says:

agree with you 100% thats what i always think when i see a good actor that
doesnt choose the lead roles, thats exactly what i was thinking

sisosocheesy says:

aaah Idris take me NOW!!!!!! he is all kinds of deliciousnlol!

hellokittycutie2003 says:

@awmancanigetamen Ahahahaa!

Precog1982 says:

Fuck them…Broke niggas…

warequalsnofuture says:


sagisgems says:

@soldiergrl463 so true…….vaya mierda!…..

The Mighty Icesis says:

Search Name Spouse Name Marriage Date Certificate Number ELBA IDRIS AKUNA
HAMLIN, SONYA NICOLE 04/09/2006 D917948

langlangrudes says:


David Malbranque says:

i know you wont see this but congrats on your whole career success

warequalsnofuture says:

jay-z = illuminati puppet so fuck that whore listen to some credible stuff
guys. dead prez, immortal technique, krs one…

soldiergrl463 says:

Mira ese f*u&king pendeja interviewing him. She looks like trash, she
sounds like trash. God forbid she be an upstanding women asking questions
people care about. Bitch does that “i put hahaha after everything I say bc
im insecure”CHECK OUT DOM MAZZETTI . this idiot laughs at anything he says.

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