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Is bubble beam an instrument?


gneisscleavage says:


EveryoneLovesHugo says:

Dont let MS paint drawing become the new facebook screen grabs pls + thx

HazMatt says:

Staryu used Pachelbel’s Zap Canon! It is super effective!

AnnaConda1209 says:

I’m so lost… Is this like a new pokemon or what?

SaintAnger says:

Is that pokemon wearing a space suit?

Siikotick6o6 says:

…I’m not quite sure

SuburbanSloth says:

Makes no fucking sense, but I will always upvote Pokemon!

acidjuicemotel says:

I guess I’ going to have to be the one who says it. “Your mom’s an instrument.”

Left4Doge says:

All of my yes right here. I didn’t even like Spongebob since my bro doing the voice all the time pissed me off but… YES.

pizzaforbreakfast says:

after watching this image for 5 minutes… I have still no idea what’s going on.

AnnaConda1209 says:

Sooo… Yes?

IHaveComeHereToChewBubblegumAndKickAssAndImAllOutOfBubblegum says:

No, but mayonnaise is.

theincognito says:

Took me way too long to realize that Patrick and Staryu are both starfish.

idisagreebecausefuckyou says:

There are no stupid questions, only stupid [pokemon].

HenryTheButler says:

I was happier when I thought it was just a Pokemon joke…

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