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Is This Kim Kardashian Eating Nude In A Hotel Room?

Here is the image that was tweeted by Kanye, only to be removed very shortly after:

Well…that certainly LOOKS like Kim Kardashian’s…hair. But, rumors are going around that it’s actually a photo of model Amia Miley, who tweeted this about the image:

And this is what Amia Miley Looks like with clothes on:

I don’t know, her…hair…isn’t nearly as large as Kim’s hair.

TMZ wrote about the mystery surrounding this tweet on their website:

We’ve done our due diligence, and here’s what we found. First, the woman in the pic appears to be porn star Amia Miley. Miley tweeted the same photo of herself on her twitter account in 2011, and she tells us it’s her. She also says she’s never hooked up with Kanye.

Second, although the pic has been sent around with credit to Kanye, we’ve learned it was never posted on Kanye’s account. A source close to Kanye confirms … he didn’t do it.

We’re told it’s all part of #WanksterWednesday — a prank day where people try to get bogus rumors started.

Guess that solves that?

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