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It Happened At The World’s Fair

Fun, music and Elvis all happen in this romp boasting one of the best backdrops of any Elvis Presley movie: the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, with its showpiece Space Needle, monorail and more.

The King plays pilot-for-hire Mike, whose hope of starting his own flying business is grounded by the gambling of his co-pilot Danny (Gary Lockwood). The guys hitch to Seattle, where Mike finds romance, Danny finds easy marks and both find problems prior to a Happy Ending. Kurt Russell, star of 1979’s Elvis biopic, plays the child who wallops Mike in the shins. And among the 10 songs are I’m Falling In Love Tonight, Relax and the gold record One Broken Heart For Sale. If he’s selling, we’re buying!The novelty backdrop of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair lends wonderful space-age scenery to this Elvis vehicle. The King co-stars with a pre-2001 Gary Lockwood as freelance pilots stranded in Seattle, where Elvis spends more time babysitting a little kid than panting after ostensible love interest Joan O’Brien. There’s more plot than usual for a Presley picture, which in this case is not a good thing, and the songs are pallid, save “One Broken Heart for Sale.” The real kick is the futuristic look of the World’s Fair, as personified by Seattle’s Space Needle and Monorail (both of which serve as backdrops for EP songs). Just three years out of the Army, Elvis’s persona is thoroughly square and tame, ruffled only by the occasional comic double-take. And yes indeed, that is little Kurt Russell, future star of Elvis, kicking the King in the shins in a couple of scenes. –Robert Horton

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Anonymous says:

No redeeming qualities I used to think that “Harum Scarum” was the worst movie Elvis Presley ever made, until I saw this mess. It makes you wonder who actually greenlit this movie to begin with, why MGM bothered to distribute it, and how any of the actors in it ever got another job. I’m a huge Elvis fan and so just have to accept that for years he was stuck in these movie contracts made by his slimy manager Colonel Parker, who never cared that he could actually act. But even for a bad Elvis movie, this is hard to…

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Nice widescreen release especially if you’re French! This is a review of Elvis 75th Anniversary DVD Collection (17 Films including Elvis on Tour / Jailhouse Rock / Viva Las Vegas / It Happened at the World’s Fair and This Is Elvis) released by Warner Brothers.I am not a fan of Elvis so mainly bought this to add to my movie collection. I scored it for $57 but even at the normal $70 it works out at $4 a movie. Not bad so long as the quality was OK and in this instance it is.As one reviewer has already remarked, all the films…

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