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It’s “The Pizza Head Show”

1. “The Pizza Head Show” 1993-1997

In 1993, Pizza Hut launched what would be one of their most memorable ad campaigns, The Pizza Head Show. The commercials were created by San Francisco’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners and directed by Walter Williams, the creator of Saturday Night Live’s “The Mr. Bill Show”.

Like “The Mr. Bill Show,” Williams gave the commercials a low-budget feel.

All the commercials consisted of spokes-character “Pizza Head” being bullied by pizza-cutter, “Steve,” and an off-camera narrator.

The commercials were pretty popular and over it’s run it incorporated a variety of promotions, like Goosebumps, Jonny Quest and Star Wars.

The campaign ran for 16 spots until its abrupt end in 1997.

4. “The Pizza Head Show” commercials:

5. “The Pizza Head Show” – “Jonny Quest” commercial:

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