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Jason Heyward, Superhero, Saved The Braves With This Amazing Catch

Here’s how it went down for the Mets last night: Starter Dillon Gee had a no-hitter going into the seventh, when Freddie Freeman broke it up by near-decapitation.

The Braves then took a 2-1 lead into the ninth, but the Mets got a couple of runners on base against closer Craig Kimbrel. And then, when the Mets finally thought they might have a walkoff win thanks to a Justin Turner ball headed for the left-center field gap, Jason Heyward did THIS REMARKABLE THING to end the game and win it for the Braves.

The distance Heyward had to go to just reach that ball, let alone catch it, was mind-boggling.

Craig Kimbrel’s first thought: ” … “

Craig Kimbrel’s second thought: “OH MY GOD.”

Justin Turner probably just kept running, hopped the Citi Field outfield wall, jumped in his car, and started crying with his head on the steering wheel. (Or not.)

The announcers’ reactions, as always, are a must-listen.

But at least when it comes to tricky outfield plays against the Mets this season, the Braves are steadily improving.

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