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Just the Way You Are: Aaron & Jane (The Adlers Book 1)

Newly published Edition – October 2018 **WARNING** This book is only for readers over the age of 18. It contains very steamy and explicit sex scenes. Fans of Bella Andre, Marie Force, Melissa Foster, & Jill Shalvis will also become fans of Anita Louise

Why does Aaron Adler’s ex-wife keep calling him? Their marriage is over, but Sharon seems to think she can win him back.

Aaron has everything he’s ever wanted. His work as a highly paid author and speaker is very rewarding, and he’s perfectly satisfied with the short-term sexual liaisons he’s become used to. But now his publisher wants Aaron to write about successful relationships in his next book. How can he do that when he’s never had one? Everything begins to change when Jane Barloc enters his life. Have they met before? The immediate connection he feels is stronger than anything he’s ever before experienced.

When Jane Barloc’s counseling client Connor needs a ride to his parents’ house, she’s happy to help him out. But, then Connor drags her into the house, and Jane is shocked to see the man who’s been haunting her dreams for years. She had no idea Connor Adler was related to the famous author.

Can the woman who’s always seen herself as a “Plain Jane” win the heart of the handsome and über wealthy man she could never seem to forget? Will Aaron choose Jane over his super sexy ex-wife?

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Intended for mature audiences 18 years of age and older.

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Anonymous says:

Great story, could use some editing Just the Way You Are is what I would call a true romance. While there are some very well written sex scenes, the relationship between the man characters is about more than sex. The story follows Aaron Adler, an author who does speaking engagements, and Jane Barloc, a social worker who has always of thought of herself as “Plain Jane” as discover their affection for each other.The story pulled me in from the very beginning and the storyline kept my interest the entire book…

Anonymous says:

Charming and Adorable Story This story was charming and adorable. Aaron is a successful writer and public speaker. He comes from a large family and his life seems to be on track except for love. That changes when Aaron meets Jane at a family party. Jane comes to the party with his brother but that doesn’t stop Aaron from being attracted. Jane recognizes Aaron and she seems to be quite the fan girl. She loves his books and already has a crush on him. Things change when she is involved in a car wreck and Aaron agrees…

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