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Kiwi Be Friends Advanced DHA Bronzer Superior Moisture 8.5oz

Way to Glow! This ultra-rich, bronzing blend ups the WOW factor with vitamin-rich Kiwi that helps soften, smooth and promote healthier-looking skin as you turn heads with a show-stopping glow. Color changes everything: A new hue… a new you!

* Advanced DHA Bronzing Blend: DHA and natural melanin-enhancers boost color for dark results.
* Boosted BioBronze Blend: Tropical Fruit Smoothie of Cocoa, Orange, Angelica Root and Banana extracts enhance natural dark color.
* Superior Moisture: Creamy mixture of Safflower and Sunflower Oil with Shea Butter condition skin for color that lasts.

Product Features

  • Advanced DHA Bronzer With Sunflower Oil And Shea Butter

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StaciJill says:

Very little “after tan” smell I’m an experienced fake-baker and while I appreciate lotions with DHA, I hate the after tan smell. I’m enjoying the KIWI Be Friends product a lot.This lotion is a medium thickness, applies easily, smells fruity, and has a very slight shimmer. It is not greasy or colored and absorbs easily. I did not notice a heavy “after tan” or DHA smell. There is an “after tan” odor when I sniff my arm arm but it wasn’t overwhelming. The Amazon price on this lotion is very good and if it…

Pen Name says:

Use it as a outdoor bronzer Haven’t tried it in a tanning bed but this works great for outdoors, only used it a couple times and so far it has worked very well, gives me a great tan.

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