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pradaluggage2 says:

@1:27, i hope you guys are happy for drinking the cool aid and voting for
the worst president in US history, idiots!

Colin Hansen says:

Carbon 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, the angels of a perfect
triangle are 60o,60o,60o, Hanging them opposite one another as in the star
of david is to say “as above so below” . In the center of these triangles
you’ll find a hexagon, a hexagon is the 2-d representation of a 3-d cube.
Saturn is not just known as the black cube, but has a hexagon on one pole
and a storm on the other resembling the all seeing eye like the one a
certain television net work and many others use as their Icon. The black
cube also is worshiped by Muslims traveling to Mecca to worship the
monument built by Abraham with a meteor rock as the corner stone. God
created Woman first even science will agree with that. Before man the woman
ate of the fruit of knowledge and became pregnant by the serpent Samael and
bore the son known as Caine with the spirit of Samael inside. Samael was
vanquished from the spirt of Caine leaving him as “The Widows Son” with the
creative and scientific abilities of the serpent, leading some to call
themselves serpent people. Later Adam the man was introduced and they had a
child named Able… Able was later murdered by Caine and so was replaced by
Seth. Esoterically you are either a son of Caine (creative and intelligent)
or a son of Seth (religious and take most on faith). This is where the term
Sheep go to Heaven and Goats go to hell originates from. You must also note
that what is hell to some maybe heaven to others. As many angels are made
of fire and water burns them as flames would us. Which is what caused the
split in heaven when god quenched the universe with water to cool it so
that there maybe life. This is where you get Holy water from, which has
been around long before monotheism. I say all this not as a follower, but a
well informed Atheist who is concerned about world events being played out
by the elite who take this stuff to heart. Up to this point we have been
their cattle and easily manage, but as both the information age and
technological age progress we cattle are becoming a liability and will grow
more so as more jobs are taken by machinery and computer programs. These
people know they are about to be found out and so prepare a Global Fascist
State. Our tax dollars are not going to our benefit, but just the opposite.
NSA and DHS are prime examples of this as well as AGENDA 21 which aims to
blame climate change on humans (IT”S NOT) to push forward laws which aid in
the removal of private property, destruction of the middle class and making
90% of the planet off limits to 90% of the people. Basically it’s a race
for control and the elite are using bigotry from religious text nearly 10
thousand years old for justification and at the end of the day they burn
their cares at event like Bohemian Grove to the baby eating god Molech
(played by Walter Cronkite) who is really the god Saturn(Molech that is not
Walter Cronkite), who’s symbols are all over our paper money.

watucallit1990 says:

, WTF DO U KNOW ABOUT THE DEVIL …THIS WORLD is made up of universal laws
, without the devil you wouldnt see signs of GOD !!!…the god of
destruction so YOU can be born., is “SET ” evolution is in the eye’s of the
beholder wtf you mean ALIESTER CROWLY DIDNT HAVE A POINT ?

Feliciano Russell says:

hear what jay z said: lucifer son of morning am gonna chase you outta the
earth, he’s sayin’ he gonna chase our inner light outta the earth, to
destroy us, he is dissin’ lucifer, not supportin’ him

bigrashad1 says:

badazzfeliciano listen to the rest of the song he is supporting lucifer!!!!
the truth is in plain sight..

fnkdrmmr says:

322 wow Jay

WindowsAccount says:

Truth! Good job

Iheartnihon says:

1:46 WOW Try again…LOL XD

Ldunathan says:

@ASABEY1972 they might not have sold but they were some of his best albums.
he’s made straight garbage that has sold millions based on his name.
Kingdom Come sucked ass but i guarantee it outsold his first and second
albums which were far better music wise and artisticly. so maybe your
theory is a bit off. He had alot of street vibe more so than anyone else.
this is why he was picked to replace BIG. Just like 50 cent had crazy
street vibe before he blew up. Not everyone is involved in magic lol.

BluePillTV says:

Red Pill and A.A. Rashid y’all continue to convince me that we embarking on
a new medium of expression where the utilization of archived records
(clips, audio) can alchemically be converted into a tool to free minds in
the NOW. We are our own New World Order….1313

viznseer9 says:

i didnt know this!! anywhere i can look it up and find it?

OnePlusOneEquals3 says:

I know their intentions were very effective in the beginning, that’s why he
has so many fans; but even though he still has many fans, there’s also many
people who are not feeling his music anymore.

kingflipp says:

can anyone tell me what the skull and bones secret number 322

Baron Dawud says:

aleister crowley was a white devil.the devil and god are the same thing 2
forms of light.but 2 say the philmoor and aa rahid and aseer these cats
dont know nothing thats agent talk,we dont have to study all that shit its
in our(afurakan)dna these brothaz just making it simple 4 our crowd.

AgentX528hz says:

great video thank you


this guy john todd is a bull shiter. all this is , is a plot to chase and
scare people back into the churches.

ponkvrij says:

damn i cant stand his annoying voice

DontFlatterUrselfSon says:

JayZ has them folk in a trance. He can say anything and people will follow,
cause its the thing to do. He also looks tired cause he feel like he has to
do this devilish shit. As long as people continue to follow this bull, the
more them devils will have JayZ working to keep your eyes wide shut..The
Dolla today aint making NO SENSE..

viznseer9 says:

it started with rock music…at one time hip hop was pure…aww the good

Ptah Annu says:

jigga exalted with the white boaz tie

symphonyjones83 says:

yeah, jay…i saw that “Do What Thou Wilt” jacket u were rockin…..

amoohjob says:

my name is jay-z and the reasone whye i eate shit and pee on my owne
albumes is because i dont really know whoe the hell iam fucking withe

bigrashad1 says:

God will WIN !!!!! The TRuTH is the light and GOD is the way…the devil
knows his time is almost up that is why the truth is coming out!!!!! Praise
GOD for all of you who expose these demons

Dihaymon says:

Like the work. You should have added the movie “Jossy and the Pussycats”, I
thk, it deals with that music box the same way. It’s a white movie. Saw not
to long ago on the movie channel.

curiousjorg says:

@kingflipp 322 is a kaballistic code for sex magic

blacknigga313 says:

all of this is based on a chistian view point there is nothing esoteric
about what these niggas is doing. they make music based on object worship
which influence people to have low self esteem chase money and value
objects. they are just as fucked up as the nigga fucked up who feels he
less than a man without jordans. if that is devil worship then so b it but
some white boy saying it is satan because its not quoting the bible don’t
know what he talking bout

Sahu El says:

Islam Moors!! You are invited to join the Moorish Divine and national
movement#13 conference call. Come and learn about your nationality and
birth rights! The call is every Sun. from 7:30p.m. 9:30p.m. (712)432-3900
pass code 5566567please push pound# Islam Moors.

QuantumPlenum says:

4mins.. Music is very disturbing – Can’t keep listening.. Otherwise great

B Cliff says:

I can’t believe this is coming from a Rabbi, it looks like what T.H.E.M
said in How to Eat to Live, with regard to the Ordthodox Jews attempting to
befriend us. Now we just need them to expose the sins and families of the
higher 10% of their own, then we see eye to eye. Hmmmm, Are they down to do

THEvaqueen says:

OMGoodness I been saying the same thing, like this must be why I detested
him so much is finally making sense to me lol

42playaz says:

If you’re ever bored, check this series of vids to see how these guys break
down astrology and divination according to the scriptures. They invite all
those who participate in sorcery to any extent to follow. Youtube search:
Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Astrology 1 of 8 From gathering of christ church
part 1of 8. No pressure to view it, just look at it if you’re bored at any
time in your life. PEACE!!!

Don Donny says:

mothafucka haggin wit jews. fuck that dude.

barlog20 says:

Their is the bad Karma factor you have to consider. I believe Part of the
reason Haiti has so many problems is that so many of them deal with that
stuff and use it for evil. Not realizing that those demons you conjure up
backstabs you alot of times. My cousin wife Mother is into those things and
my cousin wife explained that whole shit to me. Your not suppose to use
that shit for evil cause chances are that shit comes back and give you
problems. It happened to some of my family members.

fgfg491 says:

u should know i bleed blue bt im not a crip thow but i got the whole nation
rockin with my click thow …

huemane says:

Wake up people! its a subconscience attack. !!

42playaz says:

So why listen to it then?

DWOProductions says:

dude leave out the music….hard to hear him talk.

waynecarrington says:

so now jay z is evil??? and his wife is a witch? No Cipher! {No} Rock Music
is Black Music, its not spooky??? im not feeling this- who has the right to
call somebody a witch? you know how many women and men that died for being
called a warlock or witch? we are sitting at home judging people we dont
know- everybody that made a million dollars did not sell their soul lol

curiousjorg says:

@rastheking John Todd an industry insider who is now dead. Mysteriously.

leanbacksucka says:

I always wondered since majic is our culture they use us to use it on
ourselves, but who are they that they put spells on ppl are they just
renegade spirits joined together to come down and fuck shit up? Since we’re
Gods how can they be manipulated like that?


@spazz you miss understanding what i said. the church is in it with all
this devil worship people. john todd is telling half truths. also they
aren’t called the illuminati , the people that know about them and there
tricks are called the illuminati. the dead warn us about them , so they say
where are in a leugue with evil spirits. the final time is almost here and
they know it!

ksmith1x1 says:

RIP John Todd

blmn322 says:

That Jaz o comment came out yesterday and there’s a lecture already? Im a
little skeptical about that. The things that i hear jay does I can say that
i dont like him for that. matter fact, im against him and all of the other
“top” artists today This tho, this seems to convenient.

lordgeemoney says:


rastheking says:

who is that white boy talking around the 3 min mark

Dr2tan says:

This video is on point, it only scratches the surface.If you knew the real
Jay z, you would run like hell. If you knew what he did. Hip Hop is done,
even Kanye sold his Soul. Forget being philthy rich, buy a used Honda
Civic, buy silver and gold coins, store canned goods and water. This video
is real. Jay z “FU” big time, he is not happy, he lives in fear surrounded
by devils 24/7. He is possesed now and cant escape, he must drag you down
with him now, B too. R Kelly, lil Wayne, Hov, avoid them

Nina513 says:

You know what, I appreciate yall for taking the time to make this. I really
wish that everyone could understand this and the true power of music and
what it is used for….Look at what happened to Rihanna’s career and how
she has changed drastically underneath Jay-Z… I have never been a fan of
Jay-Z and this right here lets me know that my opinion on him has been
right all along….This shit all makes sense…

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