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4THEWIRE says:

Its about to become more weird explain….I lay in my bed and feel like
someone’s gonna attack me I feel out of my own mind. How long will this
last? Even around ppl I feel it its so vicious this is one feeling that can
placate me all day long. I do feel ssooo much better someone else is
feeling sameway at least your not telling me to get a man

Amen Suten says:

So let me get this straight. The Dracons are actually 4th dimensional
HATERS!!! i guess they are the original HATERS!!!

4THEWIRE says:

I don’t feel well nor protected like someone’s after me weird. I’m getting
my protection on.

DonicaDuju says:

ive been seeing the shadows in the corner of my eye, but i recently
discovered lots of images when i close my eyes, i wanna say in sun spots…
any way getting the dvd too.

4THEWIRE says:

I’m happy for you. I don’t see it with me as yet I like certain deities the
only one I feel connected to is Hanuman. I truly love these graphics that
show us in a supreme light melinated people never looked so good. You have
a website awesome pic change!!!

melaninelectric says:

On point

4THEWIRE says:

We may be in the sme place I am too happy by myself lol. I’ts the best
feeling I feel very secured within my consciousness. I order this cd today
I can’t wait to hear the rest lol. I vegan now an iI can’t be bothered by
anyone who isn’t consciousness fa real my intuition gets me up in the
morning its becoming stronger and stronger its like I have to clear up
mental space for what ever will soon reside in me. Kinda like being
preggers without the baby lol

Reginald Alford says:

Ordered my DVD yesterday can’t wait for this jewel to arrive in the mail.

silents08 says:

lol you know i just saw something out the corner of my eye before this clip
started looool

4THEWIRE says:

Oh i know thats why I watch ’em lol. No worries it’ll catch back up to
them. I was watching full alchemist one night dude started quoting the
kybalion i was like what???? I hate that the characters of late don’t look
Japanese lol. You make it one way or another no worries

kingwill86 says:

i have also been seeing the shadows but i thought that was me getting
tired. where do i get the diod pad from to sleep on?

4THEWIRE says:

Yes I know we as a collective are swiching to a higher dimension this feels
so good the blood cost to move to the higher dimension will be paid
regardless as an Indigo child I’m army ready lol this is a great

Khem IzTree says:

Awesome. Shm Htp

Haze X says:

G…my jaw just dropped. He described me word for word in the first minute.
Shit came out of nowhere been feeling like a different person. I NEED THIS

Darniece Wheatley says:

Powerful info.HTP

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