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Leaders with Values

Management thought leaders share their ideas on values in business. Featuring: Arturo Condo, David Rock, Buie Seawell, Erin Lehman, Christopher Adkins, Maj. …

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Matt Waller says:

Another thumbs up for dat Strat class doe

Cliff Baldridge says:

I am a leader with Value and I dont meet any Leaders with Values that have
anything to offer me… Leaders with Values via @youtube

Héctor Rosas says:

Leaders with Values

ItsumiruiKJHRS Peace always

brokenbeekerman says:

@MichelJosephPetulli What does that even mean?

Pierre Fred Walter says:

Very useful and illustrative, example-rich introduction into value-based
leadership. I have tried to contribute to the discussion of value-based
servant leadership in my book ‘The Idiot Guide to Servant Leadership’,
available at

brokenbeekerman says:

@MichelJosephPetulli I listened, and my question still stands. The subject
aside, it appears your’e suggesting there’s such a thing as being too open

IQPartners says:

Having strong leadership is vital to a successful business. Interesting and
useful video.

blabla says:

Proud to be from Singapore for once.

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ineedcashtoday says:

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weneedcashnow says:

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videosinfinity says:

very nice

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wwwcashinadvance says:

Very useful

Thomas John Kenny says:
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Michel Joseph Pétulli says:

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