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Lena Dunham Hilariously Gives Advice On Topics All Girls Are Facing (Videos)

ASK LENA #1: Questionable feminist? (Screengrab)ASK LENA #1: Questionable feminist? (Screengrab)

Lena Dunham took to YouTube to offer little snippets of crucial advice in preparation for the launch of her “memoir-ish” novel, “Not That Kind Of Girl.”

Her book, which includes personal accounts offering real advice, will be released on September 30.

Based on these videos, it seems any woman of this generation can and will relate to all of the topics she touches upon. Dunham is extremely brilliant and versatile and it has never been more apparent than now.

ASK LENA #1: Questionable feminist?

ASK LENA #2: Plus size

ASK LENA #3: Stay friends?

ASK LENA #4: Sleeping with bad people

ASK LENA #5: Insecure writer

ASK LENA #6: Dealing with OCD

ASK LENA #7: Big bully

ASK LENA #8: Bad sex

ASK LENA #9: Unfunny girlfriend

ASK LENA #10: Death

ASK LENA #11: Always jealous

ASK LENA #12: Too loud

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