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Little Fires Everywhere

A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

The runaway New York Times best seller! 

Named a Best Book of the Year by: 

People, The Washington Post, Bustle, Esquire, Southern Living, The Daily Beast, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Audible, Goodreads, Library Reads, Book of the Month, Paste, Kirkus Reviews, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and many more! 

“I read Little Fires Everywhere in a single, breathless sitting.” (Jodi Picoult)

“To say I love this book is an understatement. It’s a deep psychological mystery about the power of motherhood, the intensity of teenage love, and the danger of perfection. It moved me to tears.” (Reese Witherspoon)

“I am loving Little Fires Everywhere. Maybe my favorite novel I’ve read this year.” (John Green)

From the best-selling author of Everything I Never Told You, a riveting novel that traces the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family and the enigmatic mother and daughter who upend their lives. 

In Shaker Heights, a placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is planned – from the layout of the winding roads to the colors of the houses to the successful lives its residents will go on to lead. And no one embodies this spirit more than Elena Richardson, whose guiding principle is playing by the rules. 

Enter Mia Warren – an enigmatic artist and single mother – who arrives in this idyllic bubble with her teenage daughter, Pearl, and rents a house from the Richardsons. Soon Mia and Pearl become more than tenants – all four Richardson children are drawn to the mother-daughter pair. But Mia carries with her a mysterious past and a disregard for the status quo that threatens to upend this carefully ordered community. 

When old family friends of the Richardsons attempt to adopt a Chinese American baby, a custody battle erupts that dramatically divides the town – and puts Mia and Elena on opposing sides. Suspicious of Mia and her motives, Elena is determined to uncover the secrets in Mia’s past. But her obsession will come at unexpected and devastating costs. 

Little Fires Everywhere explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster. 

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Anonymous says:

A topic does not a book make I bought this based on the rave reviews. Half way through it I went back to check if I’d missed that it was YA. This whole book could’ve been a short story without losing a thing. It’s been padded with uninteresting side plots, rambling, unnecessary back stories and more banal information about Shaker Heights than you can shake a stick at, not to mention photography. Without giving anything away, the topic is ageless and polarizing. Greek plays have been written on it. But, in this book it’s…

Anonymous says:

Where’s the Ending? I closed this book shaking my head with mild confusion and disappointment. Instead of attempting to satisfactorily tie up the plot and corresponding plot lines, the author abandons readers with numerous unanswered questions–almost as though she’d been forced to put down the pencil at the end of the allocated time. Ms. Ng does a very credible job of developing a group of characters and getting the reader invested in their various plights in this Suburban Utopia, but at the end of it all, it’s…

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