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Little Girl Hiding In Pantry Gets Caught Eating Nutella From The Jar (Video)

Fight or flight is a survival tactic employed by almost every species in existence, with a split-second decision potentially having life-changing consequences depending on the situation.

I’ve found kids often employ this strategy when they’re caught doing something they’re not supposed to do, like the girl who vehemently denied stealing a donut despite the incredible amount of evidence suggesting the exact opposite.

In this particular situation, a girl was rudely interrupted during a less-than-discrete encounter with a jar of Nutella in the kitchen pantry, and it’s refreshing to see someone own up to her mistake instead of hopelessly trying to weasel her way out of the situation like a meth addict on “Cops.”

However, the most impressive part of the video for me was the fact that she continued to eat even though she knew the jig was up.

She knew she was going down, and she was going to enjoy every last second of freedom. That’s called falling with grace.

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