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Lonely Ghosts


Anonymous says:

Laura Dern!!!!!!! I just discovered this on Amazon Prime and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve always loved Laura Dern, but she is not the only great actor in this show. Her mother is played by her real mother, Diane Ladd, who does a very good job as her perplexed mother, a mother who can’t understand her daughter’s new kinda kooky attitude. And Luke Wilson as her ex-husband – great as well. Every character is very believable. The plot is getting a little bit strange at the point where I’m watching now, maybe a…

Anonymous says:

Which is great, however As someone who is a spiritual life coach and studies subjects which fall into the cross hairs of science and spirituality, I was a bit nervous beginning this series. I have to say that they did hit something on the head, in that, it often does feel when walking a spiritual path that their are many many roadblocks no matter how zen you are or how consistently you manifest. This is due to our karma and our mental patterns getting in the way of what it is we desire, which is Amy’s problem most…

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