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Los Angeles Riots – 04/30/1992 1 of 4

Camcorder footage from Blair Hills in Culver City, CA of fires during the first hours of the L.A. Riots in April of 1992.

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Doug Osborne says:

22 Years ago today, Los Angeles exploded. I was working at Rogersound
Labs, watching as the verdict from the Rodney King trial came. As soon as
the cops were acquitted, we knew things were about to happen, and we closed
the store early.

I had an appointment to finish some paperwork with an appraiser for a
refinance, I had to pick up my young kids from day care, and then head
home. It took longer than normal, and even in Santa Monica, Venice, and
Culver City, you could feel the tension.

Not long after I got home, fires started to sprout up along La Cienega Blvd
to the north of our home, up on a hill, and this is what I captured with my
camcorder. Three other videos have footage from local TV overnight and the
next morning.

NorceCodine says:

Police drew up a cordon at Sunset and either La Cienega or Highland, our
house was right in that block – it was close. I used to go to Samy’s Camera
not far, and after the riot an employee told me that they stayed in the
store at nights to protect it. What a times it was. And yet I miss it. I
heard that Tom Bradley and Chief Gates were not on speaking terms for a
year before the riot happened, and the sheriff (his name I don’t remember)
also had some serious issues with the mayor. 

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