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Louisiana Leadership Institute All-Star Marching Band 2014 “Houston MLK BOTB Prep” Part.3


Derrick Oaties says:

That look Keith in that blue shirt….one the instructors. Keith played
tenor for Southern in like 1999/2000…he was a beast on tenor when i went
through band camp at Southern.

FunkSquadTV17 says:

I see that Fortier influence

EngagedSinfonian_14 says:

Tubas need to be cleaner. Too short of playing. 

EngagedSinfonian_14 says:

Baritones have to learn how to play the horn not at the horn. 

Dalton Patterson says:

At 36:21, What happened that he wanted to tell off the sousaphone players?

J Ryan says:

Still The Greatest Band in All The Land

LLI C/O 05’

Travis Cyprien says:

Still Sounding good

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