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Managing Values Across Cultures

Management thought leaders share their ideas on values in business. Featuring: Christopher Adkins, Mansour Javidan, Matthew Hayward, Buie Seawell, Mary Genti…

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Alex Reid says:

Great to see diversity.

Katja Ingman says:

Managing values across cultures (7 min) – a great resource for anyone
interested in Global Leadership

mars Cubed says:

Research shows business academics add zero value to business. In light of
this & business experts who have described the whole field as a harmful
scam; ie, theological levels of pompous BS for ‘confidence’ (swindlers need
pseudo-qualifications to get at people’s money). Does Harvard think
business departments should now go the way of para-Psychology & begin
exposing conservatives, finance & trickledown scams instead? Replace with
study into narcissistic & psychopathic personality disorders IMO.

Dick K says:

“Be Humble” in what One do and importantly in Our thoughts…

Islamedia Channel says:


katheryncruz24 says:

Keeping in mind to be humble. Thanks!

Thomas John Kenny says:

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