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Martech news roundup: Optimizely, Adobe, NextRoll

In our roundup of this week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Optimizely has released Performance Edge for faster testing.
  • Adobe has unveiled Customer Journey Analytics.
  • AdRoll has rebranded as NextRoll to reflect expansion beyond retargeting.

Top stories in marketing technology this week:

Optimizely has released Performance Edge for faster testing

What it is

As we covered in more depth in this article, Optimizely announced this week that they’re speeding up test delivery by using what they call an Experiment Delivery Network rather than a CDN.

This image shows how their new Performance Edge differs from traditional test delivery:

From Optimizely

Why it matters

Jon Noronha, Director of Product at Optimizely, told ClickZ that this will mean a faster load and execution time, on average going from about 500 milliseconds to about 50 milliseconds or less.

The difference, he says, comes because fewer assets are moved to the browser and because the CDN servers can make decisions faster than browsers.

According to Optimizely, this means that their service is now faster than their competitors, including Adobe Target, Google Optimize and Oracle Maximize.

Adobe has unveiled Customer Journey Analytics

What it is

On September 10, Adobe announced it was making real-time omnichannel customer data and profiles from the Experience Platform available in Adobe Analytics via a new Customer Journey Analytics feature.

According to Adobe Analytics product marketing manager Nate Smith, with the new Analytics:

“Brands can curate metrics such as orders, conversion and visits—across different channels with Adobe Experience Platform—and drag-and-drop layers of data together to uncover new insights about how customers engage with the brand. It provides many different lenses into the overall customer journey.”

Why it matters

Overall, the new dashboard is intended “to make it easier for marketers and other managers to see exactly what a given customer has purchased, or has responded to a message, before sending new marketing.”

AdRoll renamed NextRoll

What it is

Retargeting company AdRoll has rebranded itself as NextRoll, a move reflective of their expansion into other areas.

According to their site, NextRoll is “unlocking new revenue opportunities by providing businesses with APIs to build and enhance their marketing products.”

Their offerings include Channels-as-a-Service to “expand reach to new channels and devices” as well as Audiences-as-a-Service to “extract more value from data.”

Why it matters

“We have, for the longest time, been pigeonholed as a retargeting company, but the reality is that we have really been evolving,” CEO Toby Gabriner told TechCrunch.

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