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Master Naba – Making of the Loser: Excuses for the Slave Mentality


Fox Pad says:

We need union in colors in culture and compare the past with now our future
,what is correct and what is worry why things are not work out?how are out
there making war,destroying my planet earth that we need to go to if is
there a paradise in this universe is these planet earth cientist been
around stars and to now they did not found nothing like earth lets be
together lets eat on table with all culture and rise the world in harmony

GMerc says:

Truth with all certainty! More people need to see this info. I was born a
winner! My Ancestors were rulers! I’m getting up!

Rita1972 says:

I think these words of wisdom are relevant to anyone. We tend to come up
with excuses for our failures. In this country, blaming the whites for all
problems is a convenient excuse for failure. Again, such kind of attitude
is true about anybody of any color. I wish the blacks had opened up their
ears to this wisdom.

007pished says:

the 5th to last word is ment to be “see” not seen

testizel says:

Great video and its very true!

Imhotep Ishmael Al-Basiel says:

easy to put down the black folks who built america for africans,whites ,ect
jews (all came up from the slave trade) to come in to make good use of
this. Yes get up but we must take action ,but nobody is really a loser look
at africa today if it was so great they would not need to come here!
respect to the brother but! he must see the complex game in the USA of
thinking is important. Good lecture easy to talk about our reality when you
were not in the fight here in the usa agaist race hate

angelbe88 says:

Living foods lifestyle peeps. Check it out. Best diet for our bodies.

T-Rex Robertson says:

Just like we wish White will wake up the fact they have been lied to and
our history has been hidden from the world through collusion of the
academic educatedd Whites.

Imhotep Ishmael Al-Basiel says:

jews say never again! and donot forget german hate and holocost so are they
losers are native americans losers because their land was riped off
africans are losers? because of the land grab of the west esay to blame the
victim be careful brother don,t fall into the trap of looking down on the
folks who fought and made a place for you to come here.

Yakini Ibura says:

we must deeply understand the point here

007pished says:

i could not even finish the video, the positive aspect of a winner is true
enough but the loser bit is a load of shit he is premoting ignorant
thinking as a way of not moving forward in a positive way. if you want to
get out of limited way of thinking you need to reailize that it does not
matter if someone as a diffrent position to you they are still only a human
being and as such equal and if a person trys to force there will on you,
then you have no reason to seen them as equal to you

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