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Mia Farrow and Roman Polanski in a Paramount Pictures office building while filming ROSEMARY'S BABY (circa 1967). Reportedly while filming, Roman had to tell Mia so often to behave herself that he had a chart made (featured here) to grade her general


tacosunday says:

ition of her lady bits.

disposableredditer says:

Mia is, too.

SenorOlivieradaFiguera says:

Let’s also not forget that he’s a very talented filmmaker.

SenorOlivieradaFiguera says:

And I’m not sure how the fact that he’s a child rapist negates how talented of a filmmaker he is.

ondaheightsofdespair says:


SenorOlivieradaFiguera says:

I could make a case that his films made a greater and longer lasting impact on history than his rape of a child did… just saying…

jsktrogdor says:

People tend to oversimplify that whole thing.

Venerus says:

The Dylan thing is probably bullshit. She was highly coached, Allen is terrified of attics, and it came out when Farrow was seeking revenge.

Myniggathatwasdeep says:


carniemechanic says:

That’s a load of feminist propaganda. He was fed up with her intolerable, childish behavior. That was what was infantile.

WhatTheFrog says:

Dude, this is imgur, you’re not allowed to say that! (and I’ll get downvoted for this comment aswell)

Myniggathatwasdeep says:

people seem butt hurt for some reason, meh

thecolonels says:

You rape one child and thats all anyone sees. Jeez tone it down with the hate, you guys.

diev says:

Imgur is incredibly hypocritical in their so called ‘tolerance’

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