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Middle School Football Players Throw The Game For Very Special Reason

Winning is everything when it comes to youth athletics. Things can become fiercely competitive during games as each team wants to represent their school with a big win. But every now and then there is an exception.

Such is the case with one middle school football team who decided to put a win on the backburner. Matter of fact, they decided to throw the game altogether. No one can figure it out either, even the coach is left in the dark. The Olivet Middle School Eagles felt the need to do something special for Keith Orr, their fellow teammate. Because of his mental handicap, Keith doesnt get much play time at all. They decided it was right to give Keith one game to really remember. And that they did.

Check out this incredible video to see how a simple touchdown actually changes the lives of everyone!

Be sure to share this wonderful video with friends and family so they can experience the joy that these kids created as well!

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