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might need to work on my love letter skills if I'm gonna do this long-distance relationship thing


Kurplepush says:

*male swoon*

HaveSomeVodka says:

This is so touching OP.

Sonflash says:

Do I know you? (My name is Shane)

cerelite says:

Nope. Nailed it.

shabawilly88 says:

when my gf sends me letters, they’re so heartfelt and i dont have a girlfriend

newsfromnowhere says:

nice one Shane.

Talmorean says:

This exactly right. Amazing handwriting btw

Sheen140 says:

I think you nailed it

Drunkonmilk says:

Seem pretty good at it to me…

Flex25 says:

I didn’t read the tittle and thought this was a “I cheated on you bitch” gift card.

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