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MIST Self Tanner And Bronzer For The Face – 2oz(60ml) Bottle – Liquid Tanning Spray And Bronzer In One – Made For The Delicate Skin Of The Face And Neck For Men And Women – Natural Tint And Color Adds Slimming Effect! – 100% Money Back Guarantee

***The Secret To Getting a Perfect Tan For Your Face***

The Best Spray Self Tanner and Bronzer For Your Face

– Applies In Seconds When You Need To Get Ready Quickly.

– No Nasty Scent.

– No Orange, Oompa Loompa Look.

– Spray Allows for Quick and Even Application.

***Our Self Tanner/Bronzer Is Oil Free***

Made Specifically for the Delicate Skin of the Face and Neck, MIST is an Organic DHA, Oil Free and Paraben Free Self Tanner. The Tanner spreads
evenly and quickly without leaving any streaks. Oil Free means no worries about skin irritations and problems later.

***Double the Tanning Effect***
– Made With An Instant Bronzer and a Sunless Tanner

– See The Beautiful, Bronze Glow Instantly

– Lasts up to 10 days.

– For Best Results, Spray Onto Fingers Or Small Makeup Sponge Then Apply To Skin.

– Vinyl Gloves Work Well And Keep Fingers Stain Free

***WARNING – This Product Is Not A Sunscreen And Does Not Protect Against Sunburn***

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Product Features

  • LIQUID SELF TANNER And INSTANT BRONZER: Perfect for Adding To Your Favorite Lotion Or Moisturizer
  • OIL FREE SELF TANNING: Natural Color And Tint Without That Oily Feeling And Giving You A Healthy, Rich Tan
  • SPREADS EVENLY and DRIES QUICKLY: The Spray Applicator Is Non Aerosol Making It Safer For The Face.
  • ORGANIC DHA, PARABEN FREE and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS: Providing Peace Of Mind That You’re Using A Product That Was Made Ethically And Without Preservatives
  • MADE IN THE USA: A Product And Company Made In America.

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Raeanne R. Horn says:

Buy it! It works! This product really works! I am a person that is very particular about what I put on my face. My biggest concerns before using Bronz Body were, would this product make me break out, and would this product moisturize. To my delight it did not make me break out, and was moisturizing without being oily. The best application that I found was to just spray the product into my hand and then rub it evenly onto my face. I then I immediately washed my hands to avoid any hand staining. It was very easy…

Patricia Riegel "Beauty Cutie" says:

Bronz Body Mist Takes Self Tanning to a Whole New Level After working in the beauty industry for over 5 years, I have tried almost every product on the market, including foundations, mascara, skincare and more than my fair share of self tanners. Every time I take a leap of faith, I am let down by funky smells, blotchy patches, and fake orange coloring. I don’t want to waste my time or money in a tanning bed because I know that it is not good for me but there are so many self tanning products on the market. Being a woman can be difficult and time…

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