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Molecules Of Motion

2018 release. On his first studio album since his recent Grammy nomination, Roach calls upon an expansive 35-year legacy at the forefront of electronic music creation. Molecules of Motion is a masterful album with roots in the Berlin School and a foot in the transcendent unknown of the future flowing into now. The album is a sonic marvel: shimmering, pulsing, moving, emotional and engaging. A tapestry of sequencer-spun patterns floats upon an atmosphere of lush emotive textures alive with a vibrant, life-affirming glow. The rich palette of synth textures and intricate layers of lattice-work embraces the senses activating a heightened awareness while evoking an emotional resonance and reverie. These four pieces can best be described as meditations upon elegant motion and electro-sensual space.

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Anonymous says:

Molecules of Motion vs. Electron Birth Molecules of Motion starts with an upbeat arpeggiated sequence laying the groundwork for the album. The main sequence engages the listener until 15 minutes in when the sequence pacing mellows out while the motif stays the same. Two more upbeat pieces round out the album – each in a similarly pleasing and familiar Roach-ified tonal world.By contrast, Electron Birth comes on like an atomic dose of DMT. Roach opens with fast contrapuntal arpeggiations to start the journey. The timing…

Anonymous says:

Another fine album of ambient-space and Berlin School EM On Molecules of Motion, ambient/electronic music veteran Steve Roach once again revisits the electrically dynamic, sequencer-based sound structures of prior albums such as Spiral Revelation and Life Sequence. Comprised of four tracks spanning approximately 74 minutes, Molecules of Motion is a compositionally rhythmic yet entirely drumless aural excursion crafted around seemingly ionic and illuminating currents. The opening title track, “Molecules of Motion”, fades in with fast-spinning…

Anonymous says:

Rhythmic Steve At His Best Steve Roach has released dozens of albums over the years, with the majority of them falling somewhere in the “ambient” realm, often back and forth, or even bridging between very synthetic, cold, even otherworldly sounds, and earth tones. Between those, he has also released several albums that are layered, synthesized sequencer works. This album falls into that latter category. So if you’re a fan of electronic, synthesizer, sequencer music, or his albums Stormwarning or Life Sequence, you’re apt…

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