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MRW I hear my crazy ex girlfriend is in town


Frostels says:

Too late.

sioraf says:

Maybe because some people don’t have enough time to search imgur. Thanks though.

quitbeingafaggotandsuckthatdick says:

You can´t search imgur, I just copy the link and upload the picture here, takes 5 seconds. No need to delete the post though!

KFizzle says:

Yeh but in Pirate Lore X marks the spot?

sioraf says:

Ah, I see. I’ll remember that for next time. Thank you! Haha. I felt bad for having such a long url.

WhereWillYouBeWakingUpTomorrowMorning says:

says the talking internets

mobiusstriptease says:

For some reason all I can think is “I would love to see him in joker makeup.”

Magnivore says:

She broke up with me because her friends thought we were too far apart in age (2 years) even though she didn’t. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD REASON

nfbassman says:

This guy looks like an odd combination of Jim Carrey and Wilson from House

CoyoteSabre says:

Oh, God! Until your clarification, I thought this was sarcasm.

Flyndaran says:

Some break up for boring reasons. Incompatible and naïve with no hurt feelings for my first real relationship.

robojerry says:

Thank you, off to google I go

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