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MRW I type my password in the username bar


AlltheAnswers says:

MRW I do anything remotely embarrassing and turn to look behind me only to find that EVERYONE saw.

yahcodee says:

Those penguins are awesome.

TheBoeshanePeninsula says:

When I drop something, or fall down, or trip and people are nearby.

CoachBurgers says:

Can you keep a secret my monochromatic friend?

Rezol says:

1. You should notice when no suggestions start showing up. 2. The status doesn’t post until you hit the large button that says “Post”.

Rezol says:

3. The search and status boxes are so different I can’t even imagine how one would manage to accidentially post a name instead of search it.

WarioBatali says:

I’ll bet that a large majority of facebook creeping happens while drunk. Makes it a lot easier to make that mistake.

Rezol says:

Typing in the wrong box I can agree on. But when you type into the “correct” bar results show up directly, without hitting a search button.

Rezol says: “I don’t think you’re serious enough. You’re supposed to be serious.” (Old Swedish internet joke)

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